A welcome note from our Club Captains - James Maguire and Ann O'Neill

It is a great honour for us to have been selected to serve in our roles in Black Bush Golf Club for 2020. These are both interesting and exciting times for the Club as we embark on a new journey. Our new constitution is now in place and is reflected in our management structure with a new Board and separate Men’s and Ladies Golf Committees.

We are very encouraged by the positive signs on the recruitment front which will go a long way to stabilising our finances. We would like to thank all those people who are promoting Black Bush as an attractive golfing destination. Volunteerism has always been a very important element in getting things done in the Black Bush and we are fortunate to have huge numbers of people willing to help out and serve on the various committees. We look forward to your continued help and support in 2020.

Without sponsors the Club would find it very difficult to offer significant prizes for our competitions. We are delighted to announce that practically all competitions for 2020 are sponsored either from members or local businesses. We are extremely grateful to all those sponsors.

A very important feature of any golf club is the availability of top quality Bar and Catering facilities. We are very fortunate to have Harmony Catering on board since early last year and we would ask members and friends to avail of these facilities and support all the various functions during the year. We are looking forward to meeting and playing with as many members as possible during the year. We wish everyone a fun and productive year both on and off the golf course.

Yours in Sport agus Cairdeas

Ann and James